In our innovative nature, we have yet another first as the organizers of Nigeria’s first ever “Animation Summer-Camp”.

 Premiered in August 2014, the successes of the Summer-Camps have seen

Children as young as 7 years old creating animated shorts of their own.

This programme is designed to give Children a hands-on experience as they learn to creatively tell their stories through animation. They are fully involved in every step of the production process –

from concept to post-production.

The Children experience technology and culture in a fun way, while also learning project leadership and teamwork.

Our success has gone beyond training Children alone, to also adults through our “Beginner Animation & Master-Class Series”.

Our patient and professional team deliver quality content, and we go beyond just training; as we mentor and follow-up to ensure the success of all our students.

Visit our YouTube channel: Iyin-Creative Media to view student projects.