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Discovering Our Culture Through Animation

IyinCreative is an innovative animation and illustration company, creating fun content to give Children an engaging learning experience of native African languages, and cultures.

Our goal is the promotion and preservation of our diverse African cultural heritage, showcasing the beauty of our cultures to the world.

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Watch, play, and learn African languages with our interactive Anilingo™ mobile app, the best African language learning platform!

The Anilingo™ app features:
  • Engaging videos
  • Fun and learning games
  • Digital books based on African folktales to ignite your Child's imagination
  • Music kids can move to
  • Virtual language classes for kids and adults (20 African languages)

The Anilingo mobile app is 100% kids safe and is available for download on the Android Playstore and the iOS Appstore.

Iyincreative Anilingo App

The award-winning Anilingo Series is a cartoon DVD and Activity Book teaching Children native Nigerian Languages in a fun and engaging way; trusted by over 5,000 families across the world.

Children are familiarized with the basics of native Nigerian languages, and have a fun learning experience with evidence-based improved learning outcomes.

The premier edition features:
  • Alphabets with examples of words/actions in daily life.
  • Straight counting
  • Quantity counting
  • Catchy theme song

Anilingo is suitable for home use, and as an effective school teaching resource.

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We are the organizers of Nigeria’s premier “Animation Summer-Camp”. The first edition held in August 2014 and the success of the Summer-Camps has seen Children as young as 7 years old creating animated shorts of their own.

The programme is designed to give children a hands-on experience as they learn to creatively tell their stories through animation. They are fully involved in every step of the production process from concept to post-production.

Our Campers experience technology and storytelling, while also learning project leadership and teamwork. Our patient and professional team deliver quality content and mentor our Campers post-camp.

Visit our YouTube channel: Iyin-Creative Media to view student projects.

Iyincreative Animation summer camp


With a computer, you're powerful. Watch how Kofo created cartoons about Nigerian heritage.
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August 16, 2016

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