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Anilingo Fest

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Anilingo Fest is a virtual Children’s Arts and Cultural Festival celebrating the artistic (digital & traditional), theatrical and musical talents of children ages 6 – 18.  The festival is a fun-filled day showcasing diverse cultural beauty from across the world through a variety of performances, exhibitions, films, and interactive workshops.



The festival theme “A Small World” reflects the interconnected nature of our world today and the common cultural thread societies share expressed in diverse forms. Through co-creating and the experiencing of different cultures, the building blocks for a positive social change are formed. The goal of Anilingo Fest is to promote an appreciation for diverse cultures, create a platform for the exhibition of the creative talents of children, ignite a passion for the arts in children and unify children across the world through the arts.

Anilingo Fest is proudly supported by the Goethe Institut, Institut Francais & Sere Funville.



The festival is a fun-filled event that will feature a variety of activities for children - theatre music, dance, visual arts, storytelling, film, tech showcases and more!

We invite children from across the world, adult professionals in the arts and others interested in contributing to the festival’s premier edition to come to showcase their culture and talent.